Välj behandling och boka tid smidigt via Bokadirekt eller ring/sms:a 0731-812181.
Lämna meddelande och jag ringer upp så snart jag kan. Tack!

2 svar till “Tjänster”

  1. Hi Jörg,
    That seems to be fine. Remember that if she feels support from them, write me something about it an she´ll get some products one time for free from Scandinavian Herbs.
    Have a nice day!

  2. My mum is thankfull for the products.
    She feels a support.
    But for a real great due to the result of using the products, my mum think that’s to early.
    But from my sde i’ve to say thank you very much for the posebillity to try to help my mum.

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